Vivienne Halliday - Buy A Property To Turn Into A Mini Boarding House

Vivienne Halliday is a passionate property developer. With 16 renovations under her belt, there’s not much she hasn't seen during a reno. In this episode she bestows us with her wisdom, as we follow her journey from growing up in New Zealand, to escaping the high interest rates that almost sent her broke. 

We hear about the predicaments she’s found herself in over the years, like accidentally renting a property to a biker gang, as well as her tips and tricks to picking a property that will give you at least a 10% turn over. All that and more on this episode of property Investory.  

When They Started


Properties In Portfolio


Main Strategy


How To Go From Flipping 1 Property to 16

Vivienne Halliday is back and for another episode. This time the Savvy Developer teaches us how to build 5 properties from one deal. This strategy is one that is passed up by many ammature investors as it is seen as too difficult. However, Halliday opens our listeners up to the possibilities that await them if they take the first step, as nothing is too difficult if you have the right knowledge and passion. 

She also explains how she got herself out of her lowest financial point with some finesse and grit, and the mindset that got her through it all. We’ll also hear about her mentors and the resources that have separated her from the pact, and helped define her as a fearless outlier in the property world. Who needs luck when you've got brains, grit and a passion? 

Join us as she tells you how to take the reins and set new boundaries of possibilities in your life.  

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And this is the value of education, knowing what I know now like I would have kept up with those houses and would have been able to. But at that time, you went to the bank, and the bank told you what you had to do.
- Vivienne Halliday

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I'm always looking at what I'm giving back to the market and what sort of people are looking for it's that relationship of providing what they want.
- Vivienne Halliday

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