Sasha Hopkins - Replace Your Income By 26: Real Estate Wealth Creation Strategies

It has come to our attention that investor and The A Team Property Group director Mr. Sasha Hopkins has recently been in the center of multiple serious accusations for allegedly scamming property investors he has worked with. 

Likewise, we’ve discovered that certain photos of Mr. Sasha Hopkins we’ve published on our website in connection with the podcast interview—photos that have our company logo—are being used in some of the sources that mention these accusations. However, please note that we did not give the said sources any official consent or any endorsement to use these photos. 

From what has been published on the Internet, it seems that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has been informed about the allegations. Please click on the link below for the recent ASIC investigation.

Thus, in view of this, we want to clarify that Property Investory is not directly affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Mr. Sasha Hopkins, or his aforementioned company or any of his subsidiaries or affiliates.

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Sasha Hopkins’ 3 Step Formula: How to Generate $200,000 in Equity Growth Each Year by Doing Nothing

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Sasha Hopkins of The A Team Property Group will share his journey to find his ‘safe haven’ and how the desire to create a business with access to professionals that aid in wealth creation spawned the name of his flourishing company. 

Also discover how a lightbulb moment of realisation motivated Hopkins to invest in property to achieve his goal of financial freedom, the combined value of his portfolio of 25 properties and the challenges he has overcome to be able to replace his income by the age of 26.

We will uncover the three phases of his self-named strategy for success - the Hopkins Formula - and how you can use this to replace your income and reach financial freedom within five to ten years! 

Discover how to overcome your initial fears about investing, it has to come from within first; The One Thing about getting busy and progressing towards your goals; the effectiveness of setting goals in each of the six pillars of your life.

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Since starting The A Team Property Group, Sasha has grown his personal portfolio value to in excess of $15M on completion of current projects. Sasha Hopkins owes his success to Property Investment. 

Through smart decisions, mentoring and taking action, Sasha built up a property portfolio of 12 investment properties in 5 years on a single income by age 26. This allowed him to retire from his successful corporate career as a property investment consultant to teach the same strategies he had applied to date, continuing to inspire, educate and mentor others to achieve similar results. 
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The biggest mindset shift that I've had in many years is being able to distinguish the difference between choosing to do what I do, rather than having to.
- Sasha Hopkins

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