Lesley Smith - Subdivision of Land Generates $60,000 in Profit

Lesley Smith is a property developer and finance officer living in the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Before Smith grew roots in Queensland, she was raised in Southampton, England. In this episode, we follow her life story from the streets of Southampton, through to her college education and finally to the life changing decision to move to Australia. 

Our listeners will hear how different the property world is in Australia compared to England, while also learning about Smith's first property investment. We also find out how she made a large profit on a development by seeing potential where other people wouldn't dare to. All that and more on this episode of Property Investory!  

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Make the Best Out of Your Property Opportunities

Lesley Smith is back and better than ever with brand new tips and advice for our listeners. In this episode we explore how Smith generated $60,000 in profit while in the midst of a pandemic. She also discusses some of her worst investments, like the time her shares drop 50% in value. 

Additionally, Smith teaches us all about giving people the chance to say yes, and explains how it can save you thousands of dollars on your next investment. Join us as she explains how to navigate the tricky world of property investment, and shares her personal habits that inspire her to keep pushing forward! This is an episode you don’t want to miss! 

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My mum, dad always saw bricks and mortar as being a good investment.
- Lesley Smith

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Lesley Smith is a part time property developer and finance officer. Applying everything she learnt through educational groups, seminars and her own experience, she is helping other people make their property dreams come true. 
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I guess it was a personal choice to give us our personal lifestyle that we wanted. So we sort of sacrifice those two properties to do that.
- Lesley Smith

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