John L. Fitzgerald - House and Land in High Growth Areas Profited $1 Million

We’re chatting to JLF Group’s John Fitzgerald, who operates his business in five states across Australia. We’ll follow his journey as he evolves from 18 year old fledgling developer to the author of Seven Steps To Wealth and the man who has driven 370 developments to fruition. 

Discover how Fitzgerald set up a $3 million property development deal that nobody thought he could pull off; the story behind how he worked off his debt to become the affluent developer he is today; and why land is the secret to building wealth out of real estate.

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Your Seven Steps To Wealth: Why Land in High Growth Areas is the Way To Go

John Fitzgerald and team
Affluent property developer John Fitzgerald, from JLF Group, has a focus on buying land in areas of growth that will inspire you to kick-start your own property journey. Also, find out why you should be looking interstate for your next property and how you can build your wealth in seven steps! 

Discover why Fitzgerald says you should always triple check the cash flow rate before making a commitment, how you can find your all-important mentor to guide you in your property investing journey and learn from a template to success that 3 of Australia’s top investors endorse as a great way to accumulate wealth.

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John Fitzgerald is one of the most renowned and respected Australian property investment experts with over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial real estate, property development and property investment. He is also a self-made man. After completing high school at 17 years of age, John hitchhiked from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with only $200 in his pocket. He started working in real estate and quickly mastered the art of building wealth with a sustainable strategy that simply works. By 25, he owned over $1 million in net property assets. 
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John Fitzgerald and team
Hard work and consistency will always beat natural, hands down.
- John Fitzgerald

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