Jim Valery - Developed and Sold $30 million of Modernist Homes

Jim Valery is the founder and solo director of New Style Developments, a boutique modernist homes property development company based in Brisbane. Taking an unusual path to property investing, Valery worked as a coal miner and then spent time working in trade unions before opening New Style Developments, where he has bought and sold over $30 million worth of property. 

Join us as we discuss his professional highs and lows including how he was virtually unemployable prior to starting his own business, his foray into the property market as a 23 year old, and how he embraced the entrepreneurial outlook. 

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How Jim Valery Went From Unemployable to Purchasing a Home at 23

We’re back with New Style Development’s Jim Valery. 

In this episode, he shares with us his strong family ties, and what motivates him to achieve all that he can. We discuss his approach to business relationships and how this works well for himself and his team and the real estate agents and builders he engages, and how this leads to property development success. You’ll get a glimpse into the differences between trying to sell land as opposed to house and land, how he chooses and secures his subdivisions, and find out whether Valery has any hand in the interior design choices! .

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New Style Developments is a boutique property development company. Recently, we have undertaken a 22-apartment development complex, a 30-lot subdivision, an infill townhouse development, and various smaller land developments. These often include renovations of existing properties and smaller subdivisions. 

We specialise in infill markets (established areas) rather than large new estates or suburb creations. Smaller developments allow us to quickly react to changing circumstances in the property market. Our projects provide investors with diversity in the marketplace rather than total reliance on the performance of one project or area. Projects usually take 24 months or less to develop 
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So strangely, I don't go and door knock, I don't go and send letters out, like most people or most developers do, but I work very strongly with my relationships. And if you can maintain that, that probably comes from the skill set you learned.
- Jim Valery

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