Dominique Grubisa - Why She Revealed Her Property Development Plan

Joining us in today’s Property Investory podcast is founder of the D.G. Institute, Dominique Grubisa. Working not only as a practicing lawyer with an asset credit licence and migration licence under her belt, Grubisa also works as a property investor and developer. 

In this episode we’ll be taking it right back to the beginning as we discuss Grubisa’s journey as a Law Student, her dedication to becoming a barrister and how a spontaneous apartment purchase kick started her property investing career. Following this, Grubisa will share more into the investing ups and downs she experienced, specifically during the global financial crisis. She’ll also go into detail on how she moved forward from her rock bottom moment and how she’s utilising the D.G. Institute to prevent others from making the same property investing and developing mistakes on their property journey. 

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From Law to Property Development with Dominique Grubisa

On this episode of Property Investory we’ll be joined by Dominique Grubisa once more, this time to delve into the specific of how she excelled in property investing and development. 

Working as a lawyer, Grubisa explains that it was from the experience she’s had with client situations and the property exposure she gained with them that she was able to purchase the million dollar property that changed it all. She’ll also be talking about the pros and cons of property developing, the online tools you should be using before making any property purchase and the personal habits and interesting mentors that can push you along your property journey. 

So join us in this Property Investory podcast to get the latest tips and tricks from Dominique Grubisa as she delves into her personal property investing and developing experiences! 

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DG Institute (DGI) mission is to empower everyday Australians to grow and protect their wealth. Our goal is to help provide direction, motivation and inspiration to our clients and help them perform at their very best. We do that by teaching them how to grow their wealth through property and business education.
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The beauty of development is that every step of the way you're adding value and someone will pay more for that.
- Dominique Grubisa

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