David Glover - Land For Sale Has Big Profits After The Property Is Split

In this episode of Property Investory, we'll be chatting to David Glover. He's a successful property investor and owner of Bluegum Property, a buyer's agency. David Glover grew up on a small farm in Central New South Wales and studied Engineering at university, which led to him working for BHP Engineering, one of the most eminent engineering companies in Australia. At BHP, he learned how to manage projects and systems, which served him well when he went into property. 

Learn about David Glover's first property, which he bought with his wife Sharna when he was 21-years-old and they were both at university, and how, upon returning from an overseas trip, he bought his first farm, a 65 acre property in the vineyards at Hunter Valley. Join us as we delve into his unpleasant experience when renovating his first property, how he added value to his property at Hunter Valley. We'll also be learning about his advice when it comes to cosmetic renovations and what he learnt during a trip to America, where he met a property investor who was buying a hundred properties a month. So what are you waiting for? Click play, and let's get started! 

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Huge 17-Lot Property Project with David Glover

And we're back with David Glover, successful property investor and owner of the buyer's agency Bluegum Property. In this episode of Property Investory, we will be delving into the property project David has been working on this year involving 17 adjoining titles or lots, call option contracts and conversations with the council, which has the potential to develop into a TAFE-like facility and community. He takes us through the steps he has taken so far in trying to complete this very large project. Join us as we find out with projects like these where the money is made and what a call option is and how it can help someone purchase property in the future within a set timeframe and price. 

Also, we'll be chatting about how David Glover flipped a property despite untoward circumstances and made hundreds of thousand of dollars as a result, the projects he worked on prior to the larger ones he is doing now, the best advice he received on his property journey, the habits that have contributed to his success and much much more! 

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When you do property, cosmetic renos and the other part of your life, work shift work, it's the best way to get good money and be able to do a property cosmetic renovation.
- David Glover

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David Glover is an experienced Property Coach, Property Developer and Property Investor himself. He has guided people through building their own property investment portfolio, through their Real Estate Projects, their own Property Development Business, and building their own Property Portfolio. Be guided by an experienced guide, mentor, and fellow property enthusiast. 
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So that's not just intelligence as in knowledge but emotional intelligence and then skills is every day you learn a new skill, you've got to add and layer up your skill sets.
- David Glover

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