Anthony Spagnolo - Why He Left His Accounting Firm To Become A Developer

Anthony Spagnolo is not only the principal of property advisory business Agenzia Property, he is also a qualified accountant, licensed real estate agent, builder and mortgage broker and is an active property investor and developer. 

Join us in this episode of Property Investory to hear how Spagnolo made the jump from accountancy to the property and development space and how he continues to gain valuable experience, as well as adding to his skillset by diving into a variety of projects. 

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How you can Save $500,000 When Buying Properties by Thinking Outside of the Box

We're back with property investor and principal of Agenzia Property, Anthony Spagnolo. After diving into the property space full time, Spagnolo realised that his previous profession of accountancy would aid him in his future endeavours. 

In this episode of Property Investory we will learn exactly how many properties this multi talented investor has accumulated over the course of his property journey so far, his plans for future portfolio growth and how he manages to juggle personal projects with the property advisory business. 

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Anthony Spagnolo is supported by a team of fully-qualified real-estate agents and property professionals that use the latest in technology to identify emerging property markets, trends, and opportunities. All property is assessed by our team before they are recommended to clients. 

Telephone consultations are absolutely no-obligation and come at no cost. We prepare a complimentary property assessment so you’re appraised of how your portfolio (or finances) might position you to take advantage of the market. 
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So through my analysis I found out that in order to make the profit margin that I was setting out to achieve, I had to look in more expensive areas.
- Anthony Spagnolo

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