Alan Castorina - An Unfinished Brisbane Development Turns Huge Profits

Alan Castorina is somewhat a jack of all trades. Starting off his professional career as a pilot, he flew all over Australia. He then moved to a sugar mill, and then operating machinery. Eventually he found his way to property development, and once he started he couldn't stop. He built his business from the ground up and managed to buy 10 properties in six years. 

Join us as he talks about his first property that he bought in Lakemba, and how he continued to build his legacy from there. We also dive into his childhood, and what growing up in a small town like Ingham was like. All that and more on this episode of Property Investory.

When They Started


Properties In Portfolio


Main Strategy

Buy, Renovate, and Hold

From Operator to Developer: How You Can Do It

Alan Castorina is a hard working property developer who averages 6-8 properties a year. He started his own business from the ground up with no prior property experience. Join us as we continue to discuss the strategies behind his success, as well as his mindset that will inspire you to pursue financial freedom. We also hear how he turned an unfinished mansion into over $150,000 in profit. All that and more on this episode of Property Investory.

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The amount of money I earn depends on how much work I put in.
- Alan Castorina

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In 2009, Michelle and Alan, began investing in rental properties, often renovating them to achieve higher returns. It was incredible to watch a rundown property transform into a beautiful home before their eyes. So, they decided to make it their full time job.
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It's rare to say this, but my friends that I went to school with I'm still good friends with them now.
- Alan Castorina

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