Jazz Sidana: How I’m Building My Portfolio Towards $20 Million Worth of Property

IT professional and rent-vestor, Jazz Sidana, explains the nuts and bolts of the strategy which has helped him acquire six positive geared properties, with the goal to reach a combined value of $20 million.

You will discover the best way to pay off your mortgage and how educating yourself early will help you reap the rewards later, as well as how surrounding yourself with like-minded people will benefit you in the long run.

Tune in now to uncover all the details!

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 00:20

    What initially held Sidana back from becoming successful.

  • 01:02

    The shifting of his mindset and the challenge of paying off property debt.

  • 04:11

    Sidana’s plan to achieve saving for property expenses

  • 06:15

    Sidana shares about the six properties he has invested in over the years

  • 10:40

    Sidana’s property investing strategy

  • 13:43

    What help he sought to learn more about finance.

  • 16:14

    One of the best things that helped Sidana in his property investing journey.

  • 17:32

    The personal habit that Sidana believes has contributed to his ongoing success.

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This episode was produced by Alex Cooper with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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