Daniel Walsh
Investing From Your Living Room with Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh, a property buyer’s agent and the founder of Your Property Your Wealth shares how to successfully build portfolios in the smartest way possible.

How to Build and Estimate Value of Property Portfolio

Daniel Walsh helps his clients on how to successfully build and estimate value of property portfolios in the smartest way possible.

Superannuation Funds in Australia: How To Turn $150,000 Into $2M

Daniel Walsh shares how superannuation funds in Australia work, how to improve your portfolio and the advantages you can receive when buying properties.

Overcome The Hurdle of Blockages With Finance Property Management

Learn with Daniel Walsh on how to handle finance, property management, overcome financial barriers or hurdles and the importance of portfolio structure.

How to Overcome Your Fear and Buy a House for Investment

Daniel Walsh is helping his clients on how to buy a house and properties for investment and build their portfolios in the smartest way possible.

Why Risks Analysis Is Crucial When Buying An Investment

One of the many changes in property investment over the past decade […]

Housing Buyers Expert Reveals The Best Property Growth Market

With markets firming in many locations around the nation, some novice housing […]

Real Estate Expert Reveals Ways to Explore the Property Investing

Daniel Walsh is a property buyer’s agent and founder of Your Property […]

Guide for Real Estate Buyers in Building Wealth

Daniel Walsh is a real estate buyer’s agent and founder of Your […]

Discover 5 Housing Myths in Australia Being Sustainable

Successful and sustainable property investment in housing and property market involves separating […]

Why You Must Adopt a Long-Term Investment Mindset

At the start of every year, we always receive a flurry of […]

Why Some Regional Towns in Australia are Set to Shine

Investing in regional locations was once considered risky business with many people […]

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