Supply, Quality and Demand: Smart Investing with Alex Dutt

Alex Dutt has had numerous successes in the property industry ever since first getting into property in the early 2000’s. With an accounting degree up his sleeve and not yet well versed in the property industry, Dutt’s life changed when he decided that property investing was the way to go.

Join us in this episode of Property Investory where we talk with Alex Dutt to find out about how he got inspired to start a career in mortgage broking, property investment and real estate, how he became inspired to help the average investor gain more equity through developments, the learning curves he’s had along his own property journey, and how he’s become a smart investor and developer through it all!

Being a buyer's agent to me gives me total flexibility to be able to sit down with someone and say, ‘Okay well what is it that you need? - Alex Dutt

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This episode was produced by Ashlyne Ocampo with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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