How to Overcome Investing Nerves with Jessica Berrell

Growing up on the outskirts of Sydney, Jessica Berrell made drastic changes to her life when she gave up her career in marketing to pursue her dream of being a paramedic.

At the same time, she overcame her investment nerves, and purchased three properties with her partner Joel. Initially apprehensive, Berrell is now confident and excited to continue growing her portfolio.

Tune in to this episode of Property Investory to learn how Berrell abandoned her fear of investing, the investment strategies she utilises, and the best advice she’d give to someone beginning their journey.

Just take every opportunity that you can because you're really not going to, I guess from the investing point of view everything's always moving forward - Jessica Berrell

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This episode was produced by Ashlyne Ocampo with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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