Melinda Jennison’s $500,000+ Property Deal

Melinda Jennison has spent most of her life learning, investing and building up businesses with her husband Scott. Now a mother to three and successful entrepreneur and investment advisor, Jennison has shown that it’s possible to do it all.

You’ll learn the daily habits that allow her to balance her busy lifestyle, the details of her current investment strategies, and the details of some of her biggest development deals.

The big thing for us was probably learning to really match the product to the market. - Melinda Jennison

Jennison is recognised by the Property Investment Industry Association as a professional and qualified investment advisor, running her own buyers agency out of Brisbane.

I am a qualified property investment adviser accredited through property investment professionals of Australia and I also run my own buyers agency here in Brisbane. Under streamlined property buyers so whilst that’s what I’m currently doing now I have come from a different background which I’m sure we’ll get into but that’s what we’re doing helping buyers in Brisbane both investors and home buyers and also some developers position themselves in the Brisbane property market. 

We run a boutique agency see my husband who is a licensed builder and myself being the qualified property investment adviser have joined forces and we provide a boutique service in Brisbane and then on base Shire. 

Jennison and her husband have combined forces to start up their new business after leaving their previous venture in construction.

We are both full time so only a fairly new business but prior to this we ran our own construction company and we just decided that the building industry is no longer an industry that we want to be heavily involved in and it did set us up for opportunity to explore other avenues where we can help people in the property market in Brisbane so I guess he’s using his as I to inspect properties on behalf of buyers. And I’m obviously looking at their property from an investment perspective and doing a lot of desktop analysis on the development potential of certain opportunities that we’re looking at as well. So I think it is a good combine skill set.

I think that one thing with property whether it’s an investment or a home purchase that looking people are looking to buy you know the land content is obviously very important and location is very important but the building structure itself in property you have the ability to manufacture additional equity in that building so you know having a builder on our team helps us to identify those types of opportunities from really minor cosmetic improvements right through to structural renovations or developments. So it is it’s a useful value add for clients that are looking to capitalize on those sorts of opportunities in Brisbane. 

A typical day for Jennison consists of creating content and meeting clients, as well as doing her own research.

I like to educate our followers and we have a database of subscribers so I do produce a lot of content. So video content and written articles for people just to keep them updated with what’s happening in the Brisbane property market you know helpful hints and tips for buyers that are looking to purchase. So part of my day is content creation and keeping up with those sorts of activities outside of that. 

Dealing a lot with clients and helping them to identify different opportunities that match their goals and match their investment strategy talking with real estate agents investing in inspecting properties and also producing client updates where we’re helping to educate our clients about opportunities that are not suitable for their investment or their home purchase. And also explaining when we see an opportunity that matches their brief why it suits their strategy and what the upside potential can be. 

It’s fun when you’re passionate about what you do it. 

We just love helping people and you know we love property as well where we’re obviously property investors and we’re also property developments developer self. So you know we live and breathe property and it’s a 24/7 game for us in a lot of instances. So you know being able to share our skill set with others by helping them in their own investment or home purchase journey makes you know makes us really happy.

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