From an Investor to Developer Starting At 18 Years Old!

Andrew Bodnar from Kingdom Developments is an experienced investor and developer who has been in the property game since he was 18. Interested from earlier than that join us in exploring Bodnar’s journey as we discover how he got interested in property at a young age and the types of seminars and mentors he has which guided him to where he is now.

We’ll also be looking at how he was able to purchase his first property one month after turning eighteen years old, why he decided to get a mortgage broking license, and how he’s built a portfolio with renovated, developed or commercial properties. Following this we’ll also delve a little into the investing mistake he made and how to avoid it. So join us in this episode of Property Investory to find out all this about Andrew Bodnar and much more.

I just realised the economies of scale when you leverage and you know come together with other people with the same vision together everyone achieves more. - Andrew Bodnar

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This episode was produced by Sara Rahem with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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