How To Run A $8 Million Property Portfolio With David Shaw

This episode of Property Investory continues the conversation with the CEO and Founder of WSC Group David Shaw. Sharing how he built his $8 million portfolio of more than twenty properties, Shaw explains the importance of a strong mindset and reveals the habits and strategies that helped him achieve success and secure his future.

Find out how Shaw started his investing career as he breaks down his successful strategy and shares the resources that you can use to build your own property portfolio!

When you're looking at your property investment journey get a lot of input from a lot of different people and you know then you develop your philosophy a bit from that. - David Shaw

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 01:35

    Shaw reflects on the origins of his investing career explaining where he sought guidance from mentors and resources, that ultimately led him to create his own investing strategy.

  • 05:55

    Shaw shares his best advice, explaining his buy and hold strategy and how the tax department can actually benefit investors.

  • 11:30

    How Shaw was able to use strata to his advantage, sharing how he achieved his property goals and how Shaw maintains his risks when investing.

  • 18:53

    Shaw shares his portfolio summary cash flow and how budgeting helped maximise his success.

  • 21:22

    Shaw reflects on how he contributed to the success of his portfolio, giving financial advice to our listeners as he expresses his plans for his property journey.

Show Notes and Credits:

Thanks a million for checking out this episode! Below are the websites and other tidbits that were mentioned in today’s podcast with David Shaw. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll respond right away!

Show Notes:


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This episode was produced by Alex Cooper with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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