Tips & Tricks On The Property Market with Christine Williams

Back with investing property strategist Christine Williams, in this episode of Property Investory we’ll be taking a look at the process Williams takes to build her client’s property portfolios, what she does to help individuals of all ages break into the property market, and why she doesn’t necessarily view today’s market as constraining.

We’ll also be delving into a few of her client case studies, including the two various ways parents can assist their children in getting their first property and how mindset and staying on track can make or break an opportunity when it comes to first time investors. Following this, William’s will also talk about why planning ahead is important, some tips for anyone looking to use an advisory team, and why taking other’s opinions into account as well as doing your own research and coming to a conclusion, is important when it comes to property.

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

It's about finding out the why and what you want to do and then find out how would you do it. - Christine Williams'

Show Notes and Credits:

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This episode was produced by Richelle Lau with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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