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Thank you. Great podcast

Luke Dodds

Love ur show šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Omer Bernstein

Hi, Tyrone I just started listening to your podcasts on Spotify they have been really enlightening.Ā  You have a really great style of interviewing. Can you please include me in your email list I would love to get some of your info on the financials of some of the investors you have interviewed.

Jules Beeny

The podcast is bloody awesome and I have listened to every episode

David Koeleman

Great podcasts! I stumbled upon them and love your interview style. They are very informative and were just the encouragement I needed to get my property investing back on track. I was at a crossroads without any real advice from people doing what I started doing, I wasn't sure in which way to invest next.

Stephane Lavergne

I've recently become more interested in property investing as a vehicle of financial growth, after listening to a quite of a lot of episodes and other similar content, I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of some basics.

Darren Wilkinson

Loving the podcasts!

Chris Graham

I just want to thank you for creating your podcasts on Property Investory. Hearing the stories of these successful investors has been truly inspiring.Ā  My family and I are about to start our own property investment journey and are currently obtaining quotations on our proposed developments. We are about to build 2 x 3 bedroom […]

Shannan Jackson

Iā€™m loving your podcasts mate, they now make my commute something I look forward to! Keep up the great work!

Daniel Sanchez

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