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“Before being featured on Property Investory, I was generating leads for my business through joint venture partners, marketing partnerships, but also from other business organisations.

Then after appearing on Property Investory, it gave me a lot of exposure and people were able to find me consistently. They told me, "I heard your podcast and I'm really interested in finding out more." They would connect with me via Property
Investory website, LinkedIn or they'll send me a Facebook message and then I will be getting also direct referrals as well.

I have actually met a few of the clients, individually. When they are interested, they usually proceeded forward to obtaining a product through us. So that's been quite

Property Investory is a system where people can get unbiased information. I think there's a lot of biased information out there and people are very wary of it. I think when you do a podcast and a listing by putting forward your message, if that resounds with people, then they automatically gravitate towards you. It gives you a lot of
exposure and it's that genuineness that attracts people in this market.

It's a great service, it's growing and people really want to be part of the community where they want a third party opinion so that it's not just you yourself blowing your own horn.”

Helen Tarrant

Thanks, I have listened to most of your podcasts, on a recent drive from Melbourne to Sydney I listened for 10 hours straight.

Jack Morgan

“Before Property Investory I was receiving leads from my contacts all over Australia and referrals.

Since I have joined Property Investory it's given me exposure far, far wider to a
completely different audience that I haven't tapped into.

I've received numerous enquiries in a very short space of time, people who are
genuinely ready to be coached.

Plus I got two clients that signed up in two and a half weeks already and another one coming this weekend.

That's just absolutely amazing to have access to a large audience of roughly around about the 10,000 visitors every month.

You've taken all of the blood, sweat and tears away, plus to get that sort of exposure is absolutely awesome.

The hit rate is awesome and my conversion rate has been very well and far exceeding any expectation and I'm delighted.

The listing has paid itself many times over already.”

Jill McIntyre

Big fan of your podcast, by the way.

John Comino

Great podcast I’ve only just come across it now but am smashing through it.

Josh Dunne

Have been loving your podcast and really appreciate your time. 


Joshua Keane

Hi, Tyrone I just started listening to your podcasts on Spotify they have been really enlightening.  You have a really great style of interviewing. Can you please include me in your email list I would love to get some of your info on the financials of some of the investors you have interviewed.

Jules Beeny

Tyrone for all the great investor stories, I love them!

Karen Westcott

Thanks for putting up with my incessant chatting!! Loved being part of your podcast and I can’t wait to hear it!

Kirsty Dunphey

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