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Thanks, Tyrone and the podcast is bloody awesome I have listened to every episode. 

Dave Khol

Love the podcasts Thanks,


Enjoying your podcast, well done. I have an insatiable appetite for audible (because I'm a really slow reader) learning anything to do with property and equity investing.  I have never wanted to get up in front of people but I have always loved helping those who ask me about my journey, I thought if you […]

Tam Thorogood

Loving the podcast man. It’s really an amazing resource to learn from. I’m actually travelling and I have listened to probably 10 episodes of the podcast just today!! So much stuff to be learnt from there. Thanks, heaps for doing it, Tyrone.

Mustafa Manji

Thank you Tyrone, looking forward to receive your info...and have briefly read how you started the Property Investory...well done. Great idea and well appreciated.

Regards Andrej

Have been loving your podcast and really appreciate your time.  Regards

Joshua Keane

Hey Tyrone, I have been listening to lots of your podcasts and I am enjoying them.


I'm excited to get into the industry and starting my property journey.    Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to hearing back from you when you get a chance.

Nathan Pevey

Great podcast, built 3 houses in the last 2years!

Patty Derrick

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