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I've recently become more interested in property investing as a vehicle of financial growth, after listening to a quite of a lot of episodes and other similar content, I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of some basics.

Darren Wilkinson

Thanks, Tyrone and the podcast is bloody awesome I have listened to every episode.

Dave Khol

The podcast is bloody awesome and I have listened to every episode

David Koeleman

Hey Tyrone, I have been listening to lots of your podcasts and I am enjoying them.


I love your podcasts, BTW. Keep up the good work!

Dushan Hanuska

I've listened to your podcast for a while now. Got a $2M portfolio with 4 properties sitting neutral at the moment and start of 2019 I quit my job ($140k/yr) in the mines and went travelling with my partner. Your podcast contributed to this. Thanks

George O'Brien

I've recently stumbled across your podcast and have found it really addictive. I love the guys at the Property Couch, who started my obsession with learning about property investing and have found that it's really inspiring to listen to the success stories of the guests on your podcast. 

My husband and I bought an apartment last year, which we live in and absolutely love, but the plan for my next purchase is to buy, renovate and sell. I'd like to become an active investor and start working on flipping full time, as soon as finances allow. 

Thanks for the great content, and I look forward to hearing more!

Georgia Minch

Tyrone, I'm very familiar with your podcast series, and am a long time subscriber 🙂

Glenn "Goose" McGrath

I am new to the property investing market. I've thoroughly been enjoying your podcasts. Every day I listen to a couple whilst in the gym, constantly stopping to write notes down on my phone!! Since listening I've found so many other books to read as well as very sound advice. I'm so excited to get up each day and listen to your podcasts whilst doing my own personal research. Thank you, keep up the great work!

Hank P Ter Horst

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