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Sounds good. You're building a really good amount of content. Well done.

Cam McLellan

Love the podcast mate, I've been listening for ages and it's one of my favs. Truly inspiring stuff and I use them each week to stay focused on my portfolio and personal journey. Keep up the good work.

Cameron Turner

Really loved these podcasts. You did such a great job!

Cherie Barber

Loving the podcasts!

Chris Graham

“Before appearing on Property Investory, mostly my leads came from my existing clients and they refer friends and family into me.

So that's my main source of getting my clients.

Then after appearing on Property Investory, I was so amazed because literally the next day I had three phone calls and a couple of text messages about people wanting to have a conversation with me.

I was absolutely blown away with how quickly results started to come through.

It was amazing.

I recommend Property Investory because the types of people that you attract into your website and the people that you are actually speaking to and interviewing.

I think this of great value to anyone who's wanting to learn more about property.

As I've heard some of the other podcasts there, the people just are so knowledgeable, willing to share and it's easy to understand.

So I would highly recommend it to any other business absolutely to come on board with you because it's actually giving you such great exposure to many hundreds of other people that you would not necessarily get that exposure to it any other time.”

Clare Monkley

Love your podcasts and listen to them every week on my trip to Coffs Harbour and return from the Gold Coast. Look forward to speaking with you and many thanks for your help.

Craig McBrien and Deseurae de Gruchy

I have been enjoying listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Ronnfeldt

I’m loving your podcasts mate, they now make my commute something I look forward to!

Keep up the great work!

Daniel Sanchez

I am enjoying your podcasts and passing many on to my daughters to listen to, especially Kirsty Dunphey interview. You are spot on with the guests. Very informative, perfect questions, educational and motivational.

Darren Attard