Happy 100th Episode from our Host Tyrone Shum!

In this special episode the tables are being turned on our host, Tyrone Shum. As a property investor and former real estate agent himself, he is a digital disruptor who uncovers Australia’s most successful property experts’ stories, strategies and mindsets to over 30,000 listeners a month.

For Property Investory’s 100th birthday you’ll follow Tyrone’s own journey on how it all started, gain insight into some of the funniest, best and worst moments that have been shared with us on the show and uncover the challenges which have been overcome to get to where Property Investory is today!

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 02:35

    What does a regular day look like for Tyrone Shum.

  • 06:46

    Where did he grew up, Shum his studies before entering the IT industry and along the way picked up Robert Kiyosaki’s famous Rich Dad Poor Dad and began to forge a new path for himself.

  • 09:04

    Who inspired Tyrone to learn about property investing.

  • 11:44

    Where did the motivation behind Tyrone’s business ventures and property investing stemmed from.

  • 13:42

    What inspired Tyrone to begin a podcast about property investing.

  • 20:26

    Tyrone’s story with his worst investing moment.

  • 27:54

    The best advice he’s ever received from guests on the show.

  • 31:48

    How Tyrone has shaped his mindset.

  • 35:15

    What challenges he experienced along the way, creating a successful podcast with many prominent people in the property industry.

  • 37:09

    What was his biggest a-ha moment.

  • 42:48

    What is he most excited about today.

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This episode was produced by Alex Cooper with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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