Why Quality Trumps Quantity When Buying Property with Josh Masters

July 31, 2017

In this episode, buyer’s agent Josh Masters will share his journey on how he supplemented his hard-earned income with smart property investments throughout his career. You will hear some interesting stories of what contributed to Masters’ bumpy road to success, as well as advice on how you can learn from his experience.

You will discover how Masters was able to save for a deposit for his first property, while managing to allow himself money to travel in the aftermath of university. You will also find out that when investing in property, quality trumps quantity – especially when termites get involved!

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:
  • 01:08

    What does Josh Masters actually do in any given day.

  • 06:05

    Where did Masters grow up and his personal story. He shares his schooling and his first job.

  • 15:09

    How Masters became a property investor.

  • 18:37

    How Masters grew his property investment portfolio.

  • 21:05

    Masters’ worst property investing moment.

  • 26:25

    Masters attributes his successful property investment portfolio to what he has learned from his grandparents.

  • 28:42

    What Josh Masters is excited about.

Mentionable Quotes and Shareable Snippets

Transcript Excerpt:

Josh Masters:
I’ve got a passion for it. I’ve done very well myself and the funds that I’ve made there, which I didn’t have to bust my gut for, have really allowed me to build these businesses and do what I really love and gave me the freedom that I’ve been looking for in life to get out there and do my own thing.

Tyrone Shum:
In this episode, Josh Masters will share his journey on how he supplemented his hard-earned income with smart property investments throughout his career. You will hear  some interesting stories of what contributed to Masters’ bumpy road to success, as well as advice on how you can learn from his experience. Let’s play the music..

Tyrone Shum:
A snapshot of a week in Masters’ life includes managing clients and sales, sourcing properties, conducting inspections and overseeing administration.

Josh Masters:
I act probably majorly as buyer’s agent which encompasses two things: primarily trying to go out there and get clients on-board, find sales; and then the other half of that is executing on the deals and actually going out there and trying to find property deals that match our client’s brief.

So that usually makes up around four days of my week. That also includes sourcing properties. So I will go out and do some inspections every now and again and there is another day there which I’m working on strategy and administration as well, just overseeing some of those things to make sure all the bills are getting paid, etc. So that’s pretty much my week. I would say the majority of it is client management and sales.

I think owning and running businesses has always been a bit of a passion for me. I definitely resonate with the entrepreneur labels in some sense of the word. I do like to run my own show. I’ve always had that sense of independence that I wanted to do my own thing and I think a lot of people who are really into property investment and maybe listening to the podcast, probably feel that way where they’re looking for that investment to help them take them to another level and don’t want to just rely on the 9:00 to 5:00 work. But a lot of clients I serve are working in the corporate sphere, but also need that complementary investment where they’re not trading their time for money in order to get ahead in the financial world that we live in, I guess you could say.

Tyrone Shum:
As a business owner of Buyside buyers’ agency, book author and founder of a property app, Masters’ impressive resumè displays his entrepreneurial way of thinking as he explains.

Josh Masters:
We have offices both here in Sydney and in Brisbane and I’ve been featured in a number of publications over the years from Qantas radio to Sky Business News. I am the author of Why Property Why Now, which was published a couple of years back and I also created the property iPhone app and on Android called Suburb Investor, which allows you to compare suburbs between each other based on the growth rates historically to work out which suburb has performed best over time. I’ve also been a finalist for Buyer’s Agent of the Year and Most Innovative Agency of the Year through REINSW.

Tyrone Shum:
Masters describes himself more as a businessman than a property investor, as he believes that having a steady income through doing what he’s passionate about is key.

Josh Masters:
I would say to be really frank, I’m a business owner first and a property investor second. The reason I say that – I know probably some of the guys you get on the show are – they may be property investors first and subsequently went into their businesses. But I think at the heart of hearts – and I’ve seen behind the curtains of a lot of property businesses. A lot of the guys that I know in the industry really have a passion for building their business and they did very well in property, like I did. But property is essentially very much almost a passive investment. It just sits there and cash flow is king and despite what anyone might tell you, you still need that income to come in to maintain these portfolios. So getting out there and applying yourself to something that you really love day in, day out, can really complement the property investment portfolio. But that is the active part of my day and that is how I actively bring finances into my life.

The passive part and sometimes the more powerful part is the property investment portfolio which ticks away and my active income feeds that portfolio and may even end up overtaking it in terms of dollar values. But yeah, on a day to day level, I really resonate with the work that I do as a business owner and how I can impact people and the reach that I can get; and then secondly, I would say I’m a property investor because it’s the power of that leverage for property that will take my family to a different financial level.

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