Can You Profit From The Strata Titling Strategy with Jennie Brown

July 28, 2017

Are you a beginner investor, still trying to figure out what everything means? Or are you an old hand that wants to change up your strategy? Then this is the podcast you need to listen to.

Continuing with host Tyrone Shum on this episode of Property Investory is Jennie Brown, who is ready and waiting to divulge her step-by-step guide to her favourite property investing strategies.

Strata titling? Subdividing? Renovating? Negative gearing? Split-a-box? Find out the best way to use these strategies below!

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:
  • 00:48

    For Jennie Brown, what could hold her back.

  • 01:45

    Brown discovered mindset as a killer of people’s property investment dreams.

  • 06:10

    Why Brown warns against over-educating yourself with seminars and forgetting why you want to learn about property investing.

  • 07:46

    The importance of having your purpose and why you should set yourself goals.

  • 14:15

    Brown attributes a lot of her success to having mentors along her property investing journey.

  • 19:34

    Brown shares one of her most successful strategies and how it helped her achieve her dreams of financial freedom.

  • 22:52

    Brown wrote and co-authored a book that shares all the strategies discussed in detail.

  • 23:57

    Jennie Brown reveals mindfulness habit that can help structure your day.

Mentionable Quotes and Shareable Snippets

Transcript Excerpt:

Jennie Brown:
So I really don’t have a spectacular life but I have a very peaceful life and one that I’m very, very, very, very happy with.

Tyrone Shum:
If you could choose your own lifestyle, how would you live? Would you live in a big apartment in the city? Would you have a cute house in the suburbs? Or would you move out to the country and raise chickens, or even llama?
I’ll let you have a think about it while I queue the music…

Tyrone Shum:
With us on this episode of Property Investory is seminar speaker, successful book writer, and accomplished property investor; Jennie Brown. With a history in property investing that runs back to her childhood, Jennie Brown is here to share how you can follow her idyllic lifestyle through property investing.

Jennie Brown:
I’ve done a lot of things over the years, lots and lots of things. But predominantly, I think we’re here today to talk about property investing. So I have done a lot of property investing. I’m also a business owner. I have several businesses. We own a farm. We have a wedding business. And I also help people a lot with mindset and also helping them with their money.

Tyrone Shum:
Brown describes the lifestyle that she has perfectly created for herself.

Jennie Brown:
I am really, really fortunate that I’m in a position to design my life however I want it to be. So in 60 seconds or less, I usually get up when I choose to. I usually, because we own a farm, checking on my animals, walk around. I might do a bit of meditation or something like that. Then I will look at some of my work for the day. I will enjoy lunch if I want to, talk to friends, whatever.

In the afternoon, I have a swim usually. We’ve got a pool. And a bit more work. And then in the evening, I get to enjoy whatever it is that presents itself. So I really don’t have a spectacular life but I have a very peaceful life and one that I’m very, very, very, very happy with.

Tyrone Shum:
Brown attributes her ideal lifestyle to the flexibility of property investing.

Jennie Brown:
Well, property investing has been really, really good to us. And it’s actually one of the things that really helped me to get to the position where I am now. It’s one of the things that helped me and probably the predominant thing that helped me to design my own lifestyle and to look at what it is that I wanted.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to be caged. So I haven’t worked for someone per se like a job for years and years and years and years. And property investing gave me that flexibility to be able to travel, to be able to design my day, to be able to work on projects when I wanted to, to have the income when I needed it, to do what I wanted to do.

So these days, I have probably moved a little bit away from property investing because of my choices in the market and things like that. But I’m very, very grateful to it. And as a property investor, definitely gave me the foundation to have a life I have today.

Tyrone Shum:
Brown’s childhood shaped the strong foundation into property and this was the catalyst for her.

Jennie Brown:
I was born and bred in a little country town in New South Wales called Parkes which is where the radio telescope is. And these days it’s known for the Elvis Festival. But I was a fair bit older in the Elvis Festival and went to Parkes. I was 4 years old when man went to the moon. So that gives you an idea. So, I spent the first 14 years of my life in Parkes. And it was a great place to grow up, great community, country town, and lots of friends, lots of things to do. It was great.

Tyrone Shum:
From a young age Brown was inspired by the tremendous work ethic of her father; who renovated properties from the ground up, despite the serious barriers in his way.

Jennie Brown:
Well, it’s really interesting because I am really, really blessed to have grown up with a father who was into property. And so for me, it was never – I see people come and learn about property and I see them, they have to really start from scratch and it’s a really interesting journey for me.
I was born into that almost. We were really, really, really poor, really, really, really poor. I can’t stress that enough just so you get it. We were really, really, really poor. And my father wanted to do something of that, being in the property so I find. So he was the one that actually went out and learned about property.

And I was about 5 years old when he bought the first house that we moved into that he renovated. And that was my life as a child was going into these houses, living in them while he renovated them. And they weren’t cosmetic renovations. They were really serious renovations, leaking roofs. I moved halfway containers being on my bed and on the floor while we slept at night because of the rain dripping through the roof. And he would move walls. And we usually had the obligatory, I call it the obligatory backyard dunny, the toilet right up the back with the green tree frogs and the redback spiders.

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