Secrets To Lamborghinis and Speed Boats: How to Retire by 31 with Chris Gray

May 19, 2017

Chris Gray

On today’s episode of Property Investory, Chris Gray speak with host Tyrone Shum about his lavish lifestyle. Originally a London courier, Gray’s life changed the day he came to Australia on a backpacking holiday in his teens.

The amazing Australian lifestyle, filled with sun, sand, and surf inspired Gray to go from teen to tycoon. In this episode you’ll learn about Gray’s inventive first steps into property, and then how built his work into a $15 million portfolio, while simultaneously retiring at only 31-years-old.

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:
  • 00:53

    What does Chris Gray do in a given day.

  • 01:39

    Gray started teaching people what he did to retire early.

  • 03:36

    Why he chose to rent even with having a property portfolio of $15 million in today’s currency.

  • 10:28

    Gray shares how he became a property investor and grew his multi-million dollar portfolio.

  • 10:44

    He also explains how he almost lost everything.

  • 22:13

    His biggest issue that he had with investing.

  • 24:55

    The best moment for Gray and where he discovered his ah-hah moment.

  • 32:42

    What Gray is really excited about now.

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Transcript Excerpt:

Chris Gray:
I never, ever thought I could have this kind of lifestyle if I looked back 20 or 30 years into my late teens and early 20s. I had no dream, and the purple Lamborghini downstairs and the boat on the harbour and all of these kind of things.

Tyrone Shum:
If you had a property empire and could choose the lifestyle you desired, what would you choose? Would it be driving supercars, speed boats, choppers or live in luxury houses by the harbour?

I’ll let you decide…

Tyrone Shum:
Let’s start off with, in 60 seconds or less, what do you do in any given day?

Chris Gray:
It changes day by day, and that’s basically how I wanted my life.

Mondays, I’m always recovering and doing Sky news. Then, the other days, quite often it can be in boats, supercars, choppers, having meetings. I just love meeting people and learning stuff. Part of my time speaking to clients as well and putting deals together, but pretty much every day is completely different.

Tyrone Shum:
That’s Chris Gray, accountant and property investor from Your Empire who semi-retired at the age of 31.

Chris Gray:
I basically started investing at 22, and semi-retired out of Deloitte, the accounting firm, at 31. I then basically started teaching people what I’d done, because everyone said, how come you managed to retire early?

Tyrone Shum:
In this episode, a man known as a mix of a lifestyle guru and number cruncher used property to fund a living that gives him more choice and flexibility than most dream of.
He is the host of Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel, is the Property Expert on Channel 9′s MyHome TV and a Financial Judge on Channel 10s The Renovators.

Chris Gray:
I spent a lot of my time doing media on TV and radio and magazines, I guess, just teaching every day Australian through the professionals how to invest in property and how to have more of a money mindset.

Tyrone Shum:
Gray says he’s quite contrarian and doesn’t follow the norm. He’s got a reasonably sizeable company, with no offices and technically no staff. Ideally he wanted every day to be different spending a lot of his time networking and learning. His involved in various entrepreneurs’ groups and travels overseas about a week each month living an amazing lifestyle.

Chris Gray:
The overriding thing about me is more the lifestyle. I’ve always stood up and pretty well known for having the lifestyle of playing with all these toys and not having to work for a living, and I guess that’s where I’ve got a lot of followers, because some people aspire to have that kind of lifestyle as well. But the basis of everything is, I make all my money from properties. So, even though I’ve got a business, the majority of my money I actually make from earning my properties and the properties increasing. I guess I’m also known as being a bit of a contrarian. My philosophy on money is complete opposite to most other people. To give you some examples. I’ve got, say, 14 properties roughly worth about $15 million, mainly in Sydney and some over in the UK, but I still don’t own my own home.

Tyrone Shum:
Contrarian indeed. Gray and his family don’t own their home to live in. With a property portfolio of $15 million in today’s currency he choose to rent and this is where he challenges traditional thinking…

Chris Gray:
I’ve got a wife. I’ve got two kids that’s seven and eight that are at school. We’ve got a traditional family unit, but we don’t aspire to own our own home, and if we did own our own home, then we’d never pay a cent off it.

So, having that contrarian mindset is all part of this wealth creation thing, that if you want supersonic cars and boats and choppers and big houses and the rest of it, sure you can just go and buy them, but there’s a lot cleverer ways of doing that, like renting or syndicated ownership or buying secondhand cars rather than brand-new. I guess it all comes together, but the ultimate basis is, yeah, the wealth creation is through property.

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